A summer time of marvel and worry in Birdland

The summer months of 2021 will go down as just one of my additional fulfilling…

The summer months of 2021 will go down as just one of my additional fulfilling and nevertheless concerning summers when it comes to my fascination and fascination in birds.

My wife refers to our yard as Birdland because of to the variety of species going to and residing in the vicinity of or on our house in Putnam. This is merely mainly because we have distinctive habitats favored by diverse species which includes woods, a discipline, tall trees, smaller sized shrubs and lots of wild plants. We also manage a perfectly-stocked fowl feeder and two birdbaths with new thoroughly clean water. We shun the use of pesticides and only use herbicides (extremely judiciously) to handle invasive plants species. Our home is whole of delicious bugs and indigenous wild vegetation. Viewing birds is a lifelong enthusiasm for each of us.

This summer I recorded a number of chicken species that I not often see, building this time interesting. Unfortunately, my pleasure is tempered by current information of a mysterious sickness threatening birds during the eastern United States. The previous two weeks have brought reports of a mysterious deadly health issues impacting birds in the mid-Atlantic states with problem it is advancing north and could effect birds in New England. It is by now noted in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.