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Dear JOAN — Why do you assume a cat would shift from lying on a…

Dear JOAN — Why do you assume a cat would shift from lying on a good comfortable mattress to lie on a knitting loom or some other lumpy product that I place on the mattress? They all appear to do that.

Linda, Antioch, California

Expensive LINDA: Oh, I do so really like making an attempt to unravel the thriller that is the cat.

There are a couple reasons for your cat’s decision of knobby objects, and the clarification could be any or all of them. Or none of them.


The initially motive is that our cats really like us. They love us so much that they are drawn to objects that we have touched mainly because a sturdy scent of us lingers.

Even if we really don’t feel that we have a especially strong aroma, a cat’s feeling of smell is vastly higher than ours, and they can detect our scent on nearly anything we have touched.

A second rationale is that our cats dislike us. Not seriously, but they are territorial and believe that all the things in that territory belongs to them. To show it, they have to place their individual scent on it.

A 3rd cause is jealousy. You’ve got been shelling out way as well significantly focus to that knitting loom or laptop or computer or book or partner. To make confident you refocus your focus again where by it rightfully belongs — on them — they will set them selves involving you and the item that has been distracting you.

Yet another reason is that cats like tiny, warm areas. That is why you’ll usually uncover them in bins, no matter if they suit or not, and other cozy spots. It’s not so significantly about actual physical convenience but in sensation safe and sound. When they are in a box or other contained space, they can quickly study the area, and they usually are not very likely to be shocked by a sneak assault.

It really is achievable your cat sees the knitting loom and decides it is boxlike adequate to be a great lounging spot. That is the theory about why cats will sit on a piece of paper. They see the defined house and usually are not way too involved about whether or not it has sides or not. It is a small, outlined house.

And and lastly, cats can be intrigued by textures, sometimes preferring the satin cover, at times curling up on the wool shirt we just laid out to don. Your cat might obtain the lumpy texture of the knitting loom rather pleasing.

Expensive JOAN: Why are some hummingbirds territorial? My neighbor across the avenue gets loads of hummingbirds and nonetheless I have a single that will not let any many others arrive in close proximity to it. Even if I place two feeders out there, he or she shields the two of them and chases others away.

A handful of years ago when I was standing in my backyard, a hummingbird landed on my head and sat there for a several minutes. I felt absolutely blessed!

Jean, Lake Elsinore, California

Pricey JEAN: Some hummingbirds guard feeders for the identical reason some people bought up all the rest room paper at the start out of the pandemic — they worry it will be in quick supply.

To cut down the aggression, you can put out lots a lot more feeders in the exact same place so that the bird, possibly, will comprehend there is plenty for all — or will tire alone out trying to defend them all. You also can identify feeders away from just about every other so that the bully hummer will not see the other birds feeding.


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