Blueberry and Not Blueberry: A curious ‘tail’ of two lookalike cats

Blueberry. (Courtney MacArthur photo) Shed pets aren’t all that abnormal in Sitka, despite the fact…

Blueberry. (Courtney MacArthur photo)

Shed pets aren’t all that abnormal in Sitka, despite the fact that it is a heartbreaking and demanding practical experience for any pet proprietor. Swapped animals? That’s a bit far more abnormal. In Sitka, two cat house owners and their felines recently located them selves at the heart of a bizarre saga of mistaken identity.

It was a Monday morning when Sitkan Mary Pierce permit her grey cat Billy outdoors to wander. He generally roamed the neighborhood, but he never ever went much. 3 days passed in advance of she saw him once again, but this time she was scooping his lifeless human body from a active roadside. Throughout town, Courtney MacArthur’s cat, Blueberry, experienced been performing weird and distant.  It all began when MacArthur and her daughter went to check out family in California. As normal, they left Blueberry with a cat sitter.

 “Partway by way of the 7 days, the cat sitter experienced to depart town, they could not go on to observe our cat. So our doggy sitter went more than, and picked up the cat from the cat sitter,” MacArthur recounted. “About perhaps 30 seconds right after receiving the cat, the doggy sitter calls us and suggests, This is not Blueberry. This is not your cat.”

More than a movie simply call, MacArthur’s doggy sitter confirmed her the cat. It experienced grey hair like Blueberry, but experienced a broader face  and was missing her peach colored markings. Even on the little cellphone screen, MacArthur could notify virtually promptly that the cat wasn’t hers. It looked concerned and baffled, and on top rated of that MacArthur suspected it was a male.

 “He would appear about the area a large amount. Truly just watching us like, who are these folks and wherever am I? ” claimed MacArthur.

14-12 months-aged Blueberry experienced not long ago transitioned to lifetime indoors, a element Macarthur’s cat sitter was unaware of when she had enable her out a several days previously.

“I called the cat sitter suitable away. I’m like, ‘Where’s my cat?’ Really, what I said was, ‘What’s this cat’s identify due to the fact that’s not Blueberry’,” she recalled. “They reported, ‘Well, Blueberry experienced disappeared for a couple of times. And then a few times later, this cat wandered up. So we thought it was Blueberry.’ “

 From Around 2,000 miles absent, MacArthur started her look for for Blueberry. With no a great deal luck obtaining her via term of mouth or animal manage, Macarthur took to Fb.

“I posted on Sitka Chatters but you know a photo of my cat Blueberry and a image of the other cat which I referred to as ‘Not Blueberry’ since I didn’t know the cat’s name at the time,” MacArthur defined. “And fairly quickly, a lady contacted me and stated that she believed that was her cat maybe.”

Not Blueberry. (Courney MacAurthur photo)

The woman in problem was none other than Mary Pierce, who’d been mourning the demise of her cat Billy. That all changed when Pierce bought a simply call from her cousin, who’d witnessed MacArthur’s Fb post .

“She was like ‘Billy, Billy’s alive!’ She initially  was the 1st a single who saw it  and then she like tagged my sisters in it, far too. And so then they had been like, ‘Mary, you need to have to go get him,’” said Pierce. “I was like ‘Guys, what if it’s not genuinely Billy? ‘”

 Although enthusiastic at the imagined that her cat could be alive, Pierce feared it was unrealistic. Even with her reservations Pierce met up with MacArthur. It did not choose lengthy for her worries to be dispelled.

The Blueberry/Not Blueberry saga inspired its individual Instagram meme in Sitka. (Instagram/Sitka Memes)

“So she arrived by shortly soon after and certain plenty of it was Billy, and we were being all in shock,” mentioned Pierce. “hWe considered he was dead and now he’s alive. It wasn’t just like our spouse and children who was mourning him. All these people had been so unfortunate that Billy was gone.”

Despite the fact that she’s overjoyed to have her cat again, Billy’s resurrection is getting some receiving made use of to. 

“I’ll listen to him meow and I’ll be like you are alive again, like it’s a strange I just really don’t know how to like method it,” Pierce stated.

We could hardly ever know the id of the cat Pierce buried — but it was not Blueberry. MacArthur claims Pierce was confused with pleasure to be reunited with Billy. And inspite of losing her very own cat, MacArthur was pleased she could be section of their reunion.  

MacArthur  is however on the lookout for Blueberry, who’s been dropped now for over two weeks. For these in the Sitka group MacArthur has a message:

“When you’re out and about going for walks or whatsoever, just come to feel totally free to like call out Blueberry or spread the term to your neighbors. If you see a darkish colored cat walking all over, gradual down and check out it out for me. 

MacArthur holds out hope she’ll be reunited with her shortly.