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Dear Tabby, We just lately adopted a kitten and my young ones would like to…

Dear Tabby,

We just lately adopted a kitten and my young ones would like to prepare it to stroll on a leash. Is this even attainable and, if so, how do we prepare him?

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Congratulations on your new kitty addition! When all people is employed to observing persons walking canines on a leash, what many may not know is that cats are also capable of leash coaching and can relatively enjoy a walk outside the house. The vital when leash instruction a cat is to approach the education differently than you would a pet. Given that cats are far more skittish than puppies, training them to walk on a leash is an exercise in endurance. But the payoff is good when you and your cat recognize the leash can be your ticket to outdoor adventures with your beloved kitty by your side.

If you come to a decision to consider on the challenge of leash teaching your cat, here are a few recommendations:

Harness vs. collar

While most canine do very well with a collar and leash, cats require a harness in purchase to become leash skilled. Look for a harness made for cats as these are created to fit a cat’s physique. Make certain the harness has a ring on the back again to attach a leash to it. When you have a harness that matches your cat effectively, you’ll want to get your cat made use of to it. Place it on your cat for quick periods of time to see how your cat reacts. Some cats will go about their organization as if nothing is various, but for several cats, the harness will freak them out a little bit. You may even come across that your cat instantly flops over and refuses to transfer as soon as the harness is on. This is ordinary. Try eliminating the harness and hoping again the following working day. In excess of time, you might find that your cat receives employed to wearing the harness.

Introducing leash

When your cat is effectively sporting his harness, then it’s time to introduce a leash into the situation. Locate a lightweight (non-retractable) leash that is 4-6 toes extensive. Get started by attaching the leash and allowing it drag behind your cat. If the dragging leash scares your cat, select up the finish of the leash and observe him around the residence. Do this for quite a few days or months so that your cat can get used to walking on a leash within the residence.

The excellent outdoor

When your cat is at ease walking with the harness and leash inside of, you can consider a bit of outside time. As normally, start off bit by bit and enable the cat guidebook you. You can also coax your cat to walk where you want him to stroll by making use of treats alongside the way to motivate his superior conduct.

At the time you and your cat are applied to strolling on a leash outside the house, you can examine more than just your yard. Just be positive to constantly have drinking water on hand and normally be prepared to pick him up and abort the mission if he receives spooked by some thing.

Time spent outdoor can be a great enrichment exercise for cats and including leash teaching into the equation can help to open up your kitty to a complete new world to explore!

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