Important to Know About Credit Repair Services

Credit repair services providers help you understand and repair credit. To reveal more details concerning these companies and know what red flags to watch for, read the article below. Also, you’ll learn where to find a secure and affordable credit repair merchant account. 

What You Should Know About a Credit Repair Company

A credit repair services provider can help you understand and repair credit. Specifically, it analyzes credit reports and disputes errors with credit bureaus and creditors. So, if one has a difficult time tackling credit issues, a credit repair company can step in to help. 

When it comes to the laws associated with these agencies, they require credit repair companies to investigate claims and respond within 30 days after receiving them. However, if the credit reporting agency requires more details or documentation for investigation, the mentioned period can last longer. 

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is the body regulating credit repair companies. If consumers have a problem with a credit repair company, they should turn to the FTC. The latter can help reveal if a credit repair company is legitimate. 

If you’re a credit repair merchant, it’s essential to work with a reliable and experienced merchant services provider that knows the ins and outs of your business. With a reputable high risk payment processor, you can be sure to get easy and fast access to a secure and cheap credit repair merchant account in the industry. 

Red Flags to Be Aware Of

There are several warning signs you consumers should be aware of when turning to a credit repair services provider so they can stay away from shady credit repair agencies in the field: 

  • Upfront charges before providing any services.
  • Talks about an affiliation with the government or a special partnership with the credit reporting agencies.
  • Promises of a specific credit score.
  • Promises of removing inaccurate information from credit reports.
  • Failure to inform the consumer of his or her right to dispute information directly with the credit reporting agencies. 
  • Asking consumers to waive their rights under the Credit Repair Organizations Act.

Things to Know About Credit Repair Services Providers 

Legitimate credit repair agencies check credit reports to find inaccuracies there. In case, they find errors on credit reports, they got on the hook for disputing them on consumers’ behalf. Credit repair merchants should work with a reputable high risk payment specialist to get the best deal for their specific financial needs. 

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