Our poisoned culture

Commentary Elspeth Duncan 10 Hrs Ago – “We are a pretty sick society and one…


“We are a pretty sick society and one does not have to seem significantly for proof,” a friend of mine commented just lately.

By “unwell” she was not referring to covid, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, coronary heart disorder and the array of diseases that plague much too large a sector of the TT inhabitants. She was responding to an account I experienced supplied of a pet owner’s informal, don’t-care frame of mind when I had knowledgeable him that his canine was in discomfort, wounded and wanted interest.

“Nah, the doggy okay,” he said, brushing me off as while to say, “Mind your personal company. It’s my dog and I can do what I want or not, even if it means he has to undergo.”

As an lively animal rescuer/welfare advocate in Tobago, I am very familiar with that angle and design and style of response (in most scenarios presented by gentlemen). It suggests an incapacity and/or unwillingness to (i) acknowledge that a person can gain from the well-supposed steerage of other folks (ii) have a mature discussion about methods in which a problem can be addressed and remedied (iii) take that a woman can be right about one thing.

About two weeks in the past, I noticed a dead black and white cat lying on the grass at the side of the key street. The collar all over its neck additional a poignant dimension to the tragic scene. A person, somewhere, was certainly grieving in the aftermath of their beloved pet’s disappearance.

In the times that followed, the human body moved via phases of bloating into rotting, its flesh melting into the grass, leaving a skeleton draped in a discarded “garment” of white, fur-included pores and skin. A broad portion of grass all around the corpse was burnt brown…an autograph left by the searing chemical compound as it seeped from the entire body into the bordering earth. What a torturous death that cat should have professional as the concentrated toxin ravaged it from the inside of out.

The bodies of various birds lay in a radius of a few toes all-around the corpse. Poison that seeps into the earth also kills some of the bordering wildlife.

This poisoned chain mirrors our modern society and its many unhealthy interconnected problems and attitudes. Just as the entire body of just one poisoned animal contributes to the killing of several types of lifetime close to it, so also can the adverse thoughts and terms of one particular bitter, vengeful, mistrustful, discouraged citizen permeate his or her immediate environment, poisoning, with the damaging vibrations, the minds and hearts of individuals in shut call.

When and why did so numerous citizens of this republic turn out to be as mistrusting, fearful, indignant and missing in hope as they now appear to be, in increasing quantities?

A video uploaded a short while ago to a social media news web-site demonstrates a gentleman calmly going for walks up to his neighbour’s auto at night and placing it alight with what appears to be gasoline and a match or lighter. He then casually strolls away, followed by a pack of dogs. The lady filming the scene from a window on an upper ground comments later in her broadcast that the male have to be “tripping off” for setting her uncle’s auto on fireplace. She laments that law enforcement came but “did practically nothing.”

Wholly disregarding the simple fact that a man has just dedicated a severe legal offence and has put a neighborhood in danger of a perhaps big, fatal explosion, a single human being leaves the subsequent remark:

“Side outcomes of using Sinopharm,” he/she writes, much to the delight of a number of social media consumers, who apply supportive and encouraging “like” and “laughter” emojis.

A person reader responds: “That is such a stupid and irresponsible comment.”

“Like you took the Sino awwwwww,” somebody rallies again.

“Looking so,” one more adds, revelling in the again-and-forth “jabs.”

The time period “poisonous relationship,” coined by American conversation and psychology specialist Dr Lillian Glass, is defined by her as: “any marriage concerning folks who don’t aid each and every other, where by there’s conflict and just one seeks to undermine the other, wherever there’s level of competition, exactly where there is disrespect and a absence of cohesiveness.”

Her opinions could nicely be used to our culture, seemingly intertwined in a spreading world wide web of harmful actions, ideas and relationships.

To those who disagree with me for the reason that of the perception that TT is the sweet land of the hummingbird and scarlet ibis, alcoholic beverages, seashores, fetes and Carnival, I urge you to feel a lot more deeply of our circumstance: the inner poison is spreading like a fatal virus.