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Expensive JOAN — My Maine coon cat seems to like watching the Tv. She sits about 3 ft from the 49-inch Television. Her eyes observe what is going on and when the scene adjustments speedily, she will bounce.

Is this usual? My past cat could treatment a lot less about the Television.

Michael, Gilroy, California

Expensive MICHAEL: It truly is essentially not unheard of for a cat to view television. That reported, none of the cats I have had in my daily life ever paid out a bit of focus to the Television set, so I imagine your kitty is exclusive.

Professionals say that cats that observe tv, particularly those people that follow the movements on the display and respond, may possibly have really developed prey drives, and they could be bored.

You will find little fret about allowing your cat view television, if you really don’t count a significant case of sweet overload. For cats that devote a good deal of time by yourself, it can supply some psychological stimulation for them. The major worry is if the cat gets way too engaged and assaults the Television set, which could injure the cat and isn’t really likely to do a whole good deal of fantastic for the tv set, either.

For all those who never want their felines turning into cat sofa potatoes, attempt spending far more time participating with them, get some interactive toys and deliver a perch for them in close proximity to the window. If you will not head the Television set viewing but will not want them observing “The Catchelor” or also lots of cat food commercials, you can acquire DVDs of birds and other animals for them to check out, but not harm.

Dear JOAN: We had an animal visitor to our backyard the other night that has us stumped.

Our cat observed it out the patio door window initial, and she created a seem that we’ve never heard her make before, which created feeling mainly because it was a little something we had never seen before.

At very first look we thought it was it’s possible a little possum. It had a extremely very long snout but appeared far more like an aardvark than a possum. It appeared to be nearly hairless and when it turned sideways, it experienced a comprehensive tail like a fox. It was like a little something out of a sci-fi motion picture.

I just spent a fifty percent-hour online declaring weird mixtures into Siri, like, “Can a possum and a fox mate?” and I have arrive up with practically nothing.

There is a tiny gulley at the bottom of our hill. Previous yr we experienced both equally foxes and possums, but almost nothing like this. Any ideas?

C. and M., Benicia

Dear C. AND M.: One factor I can notify you for sure, I will never be traveling to you, not with a fossum or an opossox roaming the location.

Very seriously even though, I consider there is an outstanding possibility that you noticed some thing not a good deal of men and women ever see, and it can be not from outer area. It appears like you could possibly have had a check out from a ringtail cat.

They are timid and shy, so they have a tendency to continue to be away from folks and formulated locations, but simply because they have quite the urge for food for a tiny creature — they are about the size of a compact cat or a ferret — they often sneak into backyards on a nocturnal hunt for food.

While we call them cats, they are essentially in the raccoon family members.


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