S peaking of Pets: Caring for your cat

You are going to locate that cats are fun, entertaining, curious, and loving companions that…

You are going to locate that cats are fun, entertaining, curious, and loving companions that can carry you decades of joy.
Raul Varzar, Unsplash

So, you have just brought a new kitty into your family—that’s wonderful. No matter whether you are new to the cat earth or an previous hand, there are some items to need hold in intellect to maintain your new furry buddy content and healthy.


Most importantly, read the label, and glance for meals that checklist meat, poultry or fish as the initial component, and really don’t contain by-merchandise, fillers, or artificial hues or flavors. Although you may possibly value the usefulness of dry foodstuff, cats are inclined to choose moist meals, which is typically a lot more digestible than dry. I recommend you feed a top quality somewhat than grocery keep foods. You will spend far more, but your cat will reside a for a longer time and more healthy everyday living due to the fact of it. And make positive the foodstuff is appropriate for your cat’s lifestyle stage and overall health.

Litter box

It’s essential that your cat have a clear litter box which is huge more than enough: at minimum 1.5 occasions the length of the cat, with sides among 5-7 inches tall. Kittens want a box that has shorter sides so they can get in and out a lot easier. It is critical to continue to keep the box cleanse, so you’ll need to have to scoop out the squander as soon as a working day at the very least.


Most cats — particularly kittens — love to enjoy, so make sure you have a supply of toys on hand. These can be shop-bought or Do it yourself: Most cats enjoy to check out issues as uncomplicated as an empty paper bag or box. Toys that wiggle or shift are specially intriguing for most cats and can present hrs of training and enjoyment.

Overall health

First, make guaranteed your cat is spayed or neutered by 5 months outdated. 2nd, take your cat to the veterinarian at the time a year for wellness checkups and to make certain your cat is — and stays — healthier. Adhere to your vet’s recommendations for regular vaccinations, which need to include things like the FVRCP (typically identified as the “distemper shot”) and rabies vaccines. Rabies vaccinations for cats are required by legislation in Colorado.

You are going to come across that cats are enjoyable, entertaining, curious and loving companions that can carry you a long time of pleasure. And if you’re imagining about adopting a cat, please take a look at your community shelter.

Joan Merriam life in Northern California with her golden retriever, Joey, and Maine coon cat, Indy. She emphasizes that she’s not a veterinarian or animal behaviorist — just an animal lover who’s been creating about pets considering the fact that 2012. You can arrive at her at [email protected].