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Aga Popęda in this article, encouraging you to observe me to Sand Town. Even now,…

Aga Popęda in this article, encouraging you to observe me to Sand Town. Even now, when you are reading through this, it is not also late to get up, tie your shoes and stroll or generate a several blocks or miles to Sand Town, where the get together is on and all people but you is taking in tacos. 

The natural way, I’m chatting about the second day of the 2021 West Conclusion Celebration that is wrapping up as we speak—live music promised until eventually 5:30pm tonight. If you are examining it later on at night, know that there will be far more West Finish celebrations and more we.Artwork mural festivals in Sand Metropolis in the coming a long time. In the meantime, browse my address tale in this week’s print edition of the Weekly all about how the tiniest Monterey County metropolis set by itself out there in the artwork environment and now has more murals than any other spot on the Peninsula. (For the city’s official art walk map, click on right here.)

Sand Metropolis is my favorite handful of blocks in Monterey County so far—maybe for the reason that one particular of its people, Dawn Peters, gave me these types of a excellent tour of it. She launched me to a group that cares about their little city and attempts to have enjoyment together—unpretentious enjoyable, with great area bands, community artists and road foods. I also satisfied town officers, musicians, sculptors, graffiti artists, painters and glass-blowers, all of whom are possibly working or living in Sand Metropolis. Or both equally.

My preferred acquaintance was the Sand Town Kitty, who (its creator Greg Hawthorne claims) I couldn’t have satisfied mainly because it does not exist. But I did meet up with Sand Town Kitty. The truth is a black and white cat adopted me in all places all through my Sand City adventures. Very first, it stared at me from a length, then it assisted me through interviews, just about if it was this cat, not Peters, who was foremost me from 1 put to one more. Stray cats have a good deal of time on their palms absolutely nothing strange about that. But a several hrs afterwards, browsing on the web, I encountered the same kitty cat in the logo for the West Conclude Celebration. I confronted Sand Metropolis Town Manager Aaron Blair and he mentioned that the kitty is fictional, and Greg Hawthorne is its father in an artistic feeling only.

Despite further more inquiries, Hawthorne maintains that the cat does not exist. The cat, in the meantime, didn’t want to go on the file. (It did notify me it doesn’t want to be adopted simply because it has way too much pleasurable curating we.Artwork mural pageant with Pat Milbery and planning the band line-up for West Finish Celebration with its coordinator Steve Vagnini.) Luckily, Weekly team photographer Daniel Dreifuss was ready to just take the photograph of Sand Town Kitty—or at the very least a Sand Town Kitty Wannabee—so you can choose a excellent search for by yourself.

See the resemblance?