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To the Editor:

Re “What’s Likely On Inside of My Cat’s Head?,” by Farhad Manjoo (column, Aug. 29):

View your rambunctious kittens intently, Mr. Manjoo. To appreciate feline consciousness — if it is in there — appear at the trivialities of their conduct.

Absolutely you’ve seen a single disguise from the other, lie in wait around, spring out. Could the perpetrator pull off an ambush without having a self-idea to the effect that “I am in this article now”? With no the information that the focus on also perceives the globe, but from its very own stage of look at? With out goals and subgoals, strategies and techniques?

View the eyes. Do the kittens keep track of a single another’s gaze? Will the perpetrator abandon the ambush if she discovers that she is seen to the concentrate on and he is now looking at her?

Your eyes: Do the kittens ever glance at them? Do they redirect their gaze to what they see you’re watching? Issue to a little something. Do they search at the something or the finger?

For comparison, watch puppies at enjoy and grownup dogs building eye speak to with humans. View wolves. Check out small children and observe their development. Whichever the psychological states of organisms other than oneself, we can know them only by way of mindful inference from near observation and rigorous experimentation.

What entertaining the science is! Probably as zestful as a playful ambush.

Gordon Bear
Ramsey, N.J.
The writer is a retired professor of social psychological science at Ramapo University.

To the Editor:

Having just acquired a cat, I was intrigued by Farhad Manjoo’s column. But permit me say that my intentions had been anything but honorable.

My cat is sweet but far from responsive, at minimum in comparison to pet dogs I have recognised. Orders, commands and gestures suggest practically nothing to her. Does that imply that she is not as good as a puppy? Alas, that might perfectly be real.

I seemed it up: Canines have larger sized brains and more than 2 times as quite a few cortical neurons. So my occupation is to lessen my anticipations and rely on that she will come to me when she wishes, not when I wish. Live and study.

Elmera Goldberg
New York

To the Editor:

Most of my lifestyle I have owned pet dogs. They are excellent, if smelly, companions. By no means once did I sense it needed to ponder what was likely on in my dog’s brain: It was generally clear from the dog’s conduct.

In the last calendar year, on the other hand, we acquired a “tuxedo” cat: Pika. She is typically lovable, occasionally matter to being cranky, but always really intriguing to look at. Contrary to my puppies, which I spent some time schooling to get the actions I desired, Pika has trained me to get the conduct she wishes, these types of as “It’s 6:30 a.m. the place is my breakfast?”

I have uncovered that the previous adage is genuine: Dogs have masters whilst cats have workers.

Phil Shaw
Mill Valley, Calif.

To the Editor:

On a Thanksgiving Working day a selection of years in the past, we experienced a houseful of friends. Towards evening I been given a mobile phone contact that my mom had died. Of system I was devastated and genuinely did not come to feel like socializing with the collected numerous. I exiled myself to mattress to engage in my own mourning.

Who ought to enter my bed room but our Brittany spaniel and Siamese cat. The dog settled subsequent to me on the flooring. The cat climbed into my mattress and cuddled shut.

Who stated that animals do not “read” the personal thoughts of human beings?

Pearl Waxman
Pompton Plains, N.J.

To the Editor:

I love my cat’s companionship even extra sensing that she reciprocally enjoys my existence. As Farhad Manjoo notes, this emotive capacity raises the most critical ethical issue.

This simple fact of consciousness in fellow mammals and birds imposes on us persuasive ethical obligations. As the English thinker Jeremy Bentham mentioned, the essential issue in our relation to animals is not regardless of whether they can believe but regardless of whether they can experience.

That they do leads to the summary that the raising of animals to fulfill human flavor, as accomplished in manufacturing facility farming and consequently causing the agony of billions of fellow creatures, is a quite disturbing ethical violation. It has also prompted me for the last 44 a long time to opt for vegetarianism.

Joseph Chuman
Hackensack, N.J.

To the Editor:

Re “Apple to Flag Sexual intercourse Abuse of Children” (Business, Aug. 6):

Apple’s proposed actions to shield kids from kid sexual abuse exploitation are desperately required and prolonged overdue. These photos usually entail sadistic torture and rape of infants, toddlers and young youngsters, and they are proliferating at an explosive amount.

A modern analyze by the New York Modern society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Little ones uncovered that Us residents didn’t know that more than 70 million illustrations or photos were claimed to legislation enforcement previous yr. The review uncovered that Individuals favor the use of identity-revealing software program to overcome it.

Thwarting these heinous crimes also usually means that the Nationwide Middle for Lacking and Exploited Young children will get millions of new studies to examine every single calendar year.

Congress should established aside the funding needed for this agency to monitor down and prosecute the producers, distributors and customers of these visuals. Figuring out them is only a person piece of the advanced trouble of preserving innocent small children from a life span of horror and degradation.

Properly addressing the problem demands that we make much more consciousness, make larger willingness to report it and legislate far more accountability of technological innovation companies whose platforms are made use of.

Mary L. Pulido
New York
The author is government director of the New York Culture for the Prevention of Cruelty to Little ones.

To the Editor:

Re “Hospital Data Reveals Secrets and techniques At the rear of Billing” (front page, Aug. 23):

This post completely rebuts the claim that “Medicare for all” or any other single-payer technique would be also highly-priced. What the write-up phone calls “the peculiar economics of health and fitness insurance” shows that the revenue is presently there, but locked into a program of secrecy, hidden negotiations and large gains for insurers. I was outraged at the ways utilized by the overall health insurers to conceal the real expenditures of care from their individual clients.

Why not reboot the method and redirect the funds that is previously there into a basic, fair and open up single-payer system that addresses everyone? The greenback expense will in all probability be about the identical, but the cost of anxiety on us will go way down.

Orrie Eihacker
Fort Plain, N.Y.

To the Editor:

Our irrational patchwork of hospital prices is dependent on irrespective of whether the source of payment is govt, insurance plan or out of pocket. It is real, as hospitals and insurers say, that a sample of charges charged at one particular medical center does not tell the entire tale. But there is a uncomplicated way to complete the tale — a uniform pricing system.

Ended up hospitals to demand a mounted value for all companies, it would be uncomplicated to review costs “apples to apples” across hospitals and would enormously lessen insurers’ administrative fees. Medicare is by far the largest hospital customer, and its price listing is typical across the region. Though hospitals complain that Medicare pays much too minor, there is very little that would protect against them from negotiating a larger share more than Medicare prices for other payers.

William Rosenberg
Mount Vernon, Me.
The writer is a retired group wellbeing insurance policy advisor.

To the Editor:

Re “A New Way to Imagine About the Minimal Wage,” by Peter Coy (Opinion, Aug. 19):

There is an extra benefit from a better minimal wage: Its recipients invest pretty much all of it really swiftly. It does not little by little trickle down or conclude up as price savings. It pours down into necessities, providing a sudden stimulus to the overall economy.

John Casson
The writer is a past president of the New York Association for Business enterprise Economics.