Why does Antioch cat want sitting down on tough objects?

Expensive JOAN: Why do you believe a cat would shift from lying on a awesome…

Expensive JOAN: Why do you believe a cat would shift from lying on a awesome comfortable mattress to lie on a knitting loom or some other lumpy product that I put on the mattress? They all feel to do that.

Linda Brown, Antioch

Dear LINDA: Oh, I do so love striving to unravel the thriller that is the cat.

There are a handful of reasons for your cat’s decision of knobby objects, and the rationalization could be any or all of them. Or none of them.


The initially reason is that our cats love us. They adore us so a lot that they are drawn to objects that we have touched due to the fact a sturdy scent of us lingers.

Even if we do not feel that we have a particularly sturdy aroma, a cat’s feeling of smell is vastly greater than ours, and they can detect our scent on everything we’ve touched.

A 2nd rationale is that our cats loathe us. Not actually, but they are territorial and consider that anything in that territory belongs to them. To show it, they have to put their own scent on it.

A third rationale is jealousy. You’ve been paying way as well substantially notice to that knitting loom or personal computer or guide or partner. To make absolutely sure you refocus your focus back again where by it rightfully belongs — on them — they will set on their own involving you and the object that has been distracting you.

Another reason is that cats like tiny, warm spaces. That’s why you’ll normally obtain them in containers, no matter whether they in good shape or not, and other cozy spots. It’s not so a lot about bodily consolation but in experience safe and sound. When they are in a box or other contained space, they can simply study the location, and they are not very likely to be surprised by a sneak attack.

It’s achievable your cat sees the knitting loom and decides it is boxlike sufficient to be a very good lounging put. Which is the principle about why cats will sit on a piece of paper. They see the defined room and aren’t as well worried about no matter whether it has sides or not. It is a little, described place.

And last of all, cats can be intrigued by textures, at times preferring the satin duvet, from time to time curling up on the wool shirt we just laid out to wear. Your cat may possibly locate the lumpy texture of the knitting loom rather interesting.

Pricey JOAN: Why are some hummingbirds territorial? My neighbor across the street receives loads of hummingbirds and still I have 1 that will not permit any other people occur close to it. Even if I place two feeders out there, he or she guards equally of them and chases other individuals absent.

A couple a long time ago when I was standing in my garden, a hummingbird landed on my head and sat there for a couple of minutes. I felt thoroughly blessed!

Jean, Lake Elsinore